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"Why is it so hard to sit down and read my Bible?" If you have asked yourself this question, you are not alone. Although we try to do what God teaches, and we know that his Word is the source of his teaching, it can be difficult to sit down and read more than a few verses or chapters before setting the Bible down beside the bed and neglecting to pick it up again for a few days.

This translation aims to change that--not with a paraphrased rendering of the text or with flashy images, but simply by giving you God's Word, and nothing but God's Word. There are no distracting "helpful tools" to take your mind off of the book that God has written to you. There are no chapter or verse divisions, either.

"What? No chapters or verses?" I know it seems like this will make it impossible to find your way around the New Testament, but do we really need them today? It was not until the 1200's that the Bible was divided into chapters, and verses came much later. Although this helps us find particular verses easily, it seriously takes away from the overall context each passage has in the New Testament. Compare it to any novel that one might read today. It is not much longer in length than many bestsellers, and it is divided up even better than they are--there are 27 mini-books inside one collective work. Some fit on a single page (for instance, Paul's letter to Philemon), and others span a few dozen pages. Now picture your favorite novel, with each sentence and page divided up into different chapters and verses. Would it be as fun to read it? However, when you read each book of the New Testament as a single unit (rather than in chapters and verses), you will quickly begin to build a context into which you can easily place those scriptures you know and love by heart. Your understanding and connection to God's Word will begin to light a fire of excitement inside of you that can only be satisfied by reading more. Then you will no longer question why your faith seems to be lacking (Romans 10:17: "Faith comes from hearing, and that hearing is from the Word!"). You will no longer wonder why you are making no progress as a Christian (I Timothy 4:15: "Your progress will be known to everyone!").

So why are you waiting? Click the links on the right side of the page and take in God's Word, in a format where each book is in a single unit, just waiting to get the gospel message from God's mouth to your heart!


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