Sermon Outlines/Recordings

Here I have put several of my sermon outlines that I have used over the years. I cannot take credit for everything in these lessons. I have been profoundly influenced by the teaching of many different preachers, teachers, authors, etc., and these lessons will reflect the inspiration that they have all been to me. You are free to use these in your own study, and in your own preaching. The message is God's, anyway! Some of the sermons below have links to an audio recording. These may take a while to download, as they are around 30 minutes long.


A=Audio; N=Notes

A N According to Your Ability

A N Amazing Grace?

A N Are You Too Good for God?

A N Church: What's the Big Deal?

A N Come and See

A N Consider Jesus

A N The Cost of Sin

A N Dangers of a Sleeping Church

A N A Defense of Baptism

A N Do You Dig It?

A N Epaphroditus: Apostle and Assistant

A N Faith: The Foundation of Life

A N For This Reason: A Call to Submit

A N For This Reason: A Savior's Example

A N From Beauty to Bitterness and Back

A N God Is Faithful

A N Heart Conditions in the Book of Esther

A N How the Devil Got David

A N How to Stay

A N In My Darkest Hour

A N Introduction to Exodus

A N The Irresistible Bible

A N Is There No Respect for God?

A N Kids in the King's Court

A N Learn It, Do It, Teach It

A N Like Father, Like Son



A N The Little Red Christian

A N Love Is Kind

A N Making the Message Clear

A N The Man in the Mirror

A N Married to Christ

A N The Mind of Christ

A N A Mind to Work

A N A Model Citizen

A N More than a Name

A N Moving On

A N My Pot Boileth Over?

A N The Mystery of Godliness

A N No 'Plan B' for the Home

A N Oh Be Careful, Little Eyes

A N Only One Problem

A N The Passover

A N 'Please God!' or 'Please, God?'

A N Poisons We Pick

A N Pressing Toward the Goal

A N A Productive Christianity (Part 1)

A N A Productive Christianity (Part 2)

A N Rebellion: A Cause and Effect

A N Recipe for Feeding 5,000

A N Searching the Scriptures

A N Seeing They Shall See?

A N Shall We Continue in Sin?


A N Sinners Anonymous I-III: Realization

A N Sinners Anonymous IV-VI: Repentance

A N Sinners Anonymous VII-IX: Restitution

A N Sinners Anonymous X-XII: Renewal

A N Stubbornness Toward God's Salvation

A N Traded!?

A N What Difference Does It Make?

A N What Do You Bring Jesus?

A N What Does John 3:16 Really Mean?

A N What Good Is Your Faith?

A N What I Have I Give to You

A N What Impressed Jesus

A N What Jesus Learned

A N What Kind of Soil Is Your Heart?

A N What Makes Me a Christian?

A N What Must I Do to Be Saved?

A N When the Perfect Has Come

A N Where Is God?

A N Who Is Jesus?

A N Who Needs to Repent?

A N Why Are You Here?

A N Without Love I Am Nothing

A N The World's Prayer (Part 1)

A N The World's Prayer (Part 2)

A N Written for Our Instruction

A N The Wrong Questions

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